Friday Foodie: Wyoming Cow-Belles’ Steak and Fried Chicken

In 1940, the Wyoming Cow-Belles (now the Wyoming CattleWomen)  were organized as the ladies auxiliary to the Wyoming Stock Grower’s Association. According to their website:

Organized on June 6, 1940 as Wyoming’s Cow-Belles, the original group was headed by Charlotte Snodgrass and consisted of ladies who wanted to do more for the livestock industry. In 1992 our name changed to Wyoming CattleWomen, Inc. to reflect the more professional organization we have become. The primary goal of Wyoming CattleWomen has not changed throughout the years — to maintain and increase the demand for beef and to promote a positive image of our industry.

In 1948, the ladies gathered together some of their favorite recipes and published their first cookbook. The recipes include instructions for preparing everything from stew and steak to cakes and pickles. With so many great ones to choose from, today is a two-fer: steak and fried chicken.

Wyoming Cow-Belle Cook Book, 1948-1949, cover (WSA 641 W992)

Wyoming Cow-Belle Cook Book, 1948-1949, cover
(WSA 641 W992)

N.K. Boswell’s Steak  (Contributed by Mrs. C.R. Steele, Jelm)

Put a few shavings of suet [lard] into a frying pan and when very hot put in steak. Sear and turn then fry as usual. Have on a platter a mixture of hot melted butter, salt and pepper in which you put the steak. This process will make a tough steak tender.

Fried Chicken (Contributed by Mrs. Richard DuVall, Little Bear)

On a ranch it is nice to have fried chicken quite often, especially when you raise the chicken, but it is quite a job to fry chicken and get the main part of a meal all at the same time, so here is how I do it and it makes the chicken much better besides. I get chickens ready to fry, usually the evening before I need them if I have to have very many. Then the morning I need them I fry them about 9:30, slowly, and just brown each piece. While it is browning, I get out my Dutch Oven, grease the inside. Then when the chicken is brown, I put it in the Dutch Oven, pour a little hot water on it and put it in a slow oven to steam very thoroughly. You have to add water every once in a while but this leaves you free to do other things at the last minute rush. Also you can do the same to any fried foods. You might have to add some salt as it takes quite a bit for steaming. On steaks, instead of adding water, put in a can or two of tomatoes and season.



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4 responses to “Friday Foodie: Wyoming Cow-Belles’ Steak and Fried Chicken

  1. Clara Varner

    I would love to see some of the pickles or fermented foods recipes. Is there one for sauerkraut?

  2. sunnie hiett

    My dad is Jim Hiett. Looking for a family, i remember little bear route. Your Kids names, Dusty, Dell, cody. My dad worked with The government with dick (air forces) . Mom, Gloria. sister Linda, mine Sunnie. Is this u? Or r u relate?

    • Hi Sunnie,
      Unfortunately, we are not related to the family, just posted the recipe from our collection. But perhaps someone from the family will see your comment here.

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