Happy 1010th!

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Happy Electronic Records Day!

It’s not a Hallmark holiday yet, but Electronic Records Day is gaining momentum and importance with each passing year. E-Records Day is an opportunity for archivists to raise awareness about the crucial role electronic records play in our lives and the special effort required to preserve them long-term. The preservation of electronic records is an issue that affects us all. Many important records that we used to keep in paper form – for instance, photos, tax documents, and correspondence – are now often electronic. These records are more at risk than paper records and therefore require more attention. Our friends at the Council of State Archivists have put together this list of tips for preserving your digital records. Go celebrate the day by copying, organizing, and migrating your electronic records!



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2 responses to “Happy 1010th!

  1. LaundryPrncss

    &a Very Happy ERDay 2u2 WY State Archives!
    my personal digital project,’negs2.jpgs’ involves the zillion or so negatives from 50+years of family photographs with the help of a nifty scanner designed especially for negatives (large&35mm) and slides. so glad mom didn’t toss those little strips of plastic!

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