Presidential Trivia… and A Closure Reminder

Just a reminder that the Wyoming State Archives will be closed on Monday, February 16th to observe President’s Day.

President's Day card from teacher to student, Pleasant Hill School (WSA H90-39)

President’s Day card from teacher to student, Pleasant Hill School (WSA H90-39)

Did you know:

– Wyoming’s first First Lady, Isabella Campbell, was living in Washington, D.C., when President Lincoln was assassinated.

– President Grant was the first sitting president to visit Wyoming Territory. During his second term, he stopped in Cheyenne and spoke at a banquet before continuing on to the West Coast.

– In 1880, President Hays’ son held up the presidential train while he had his hair cut at the Inter Ocean Hotel in Cheyenne.

– President Chester A. Arthur spent most of the month of August 1883 traveling by wagon and horseback from Green River to Livingston, Montana, spending several days exploring Yellowstone National Park. This is the longest visit of a sitting president to the state.

– During his 1903 visit, President Theodore Roosevelt left his train at Laramie and rode on horseback to Cheyenne, stopping to change horses and visit ranches along the way. (Everyone wanted the honor of saying that he had ridden one of their horses.)

– In 1963, President John F. Kennedy spoke at the University of Wyoming field house less than two months before he was assassinated in Dallas.

– President George H.W. Bush spoke on the Capitol Building grounds at the statehood centennial celebrations in 1990.


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