LibGuides Are Here!

Researching in an archive can be daunting. So can tracking down primary sources on a topic. Sometimes you just have questions about where to go for more information or how exactly to request information. Thankfully, help has arrived!

The Wyoming State Archives is rolling out a new resource for how-to and bibliographic information called LibGuides. These guides are a part of the Wyoming State Library‘s growing collection of guides on a variety of topics.

This month, our first four guides are now available:

  • Wyoming Vital Records – Need a Wyoming birth or death certificate? Perhaps a marriage or divorce record? Wondering what to expect in it? Find out here.
  • Women’s Suffrage in Wyoming – Since 1869, Wyoming’s women have been guaranteed suffrage: the right to vote in elections and hold public office. They were the first in the nation to be granted this right. Learn more in this guide about women’s suffrage in the state.
  • World War One and Wyoming – Learn about Wyomingites who fought “over there” and those who stayed on the homefront during the Great War. This guide also includes a bibliography and where to find additional information on Wyoming and World War One.
  • Tom Horn – Learn more about the infamous Tom Horn, his trial and execution in 1903. This guide also include a bibliography and where to find additional information.

Each guide is tailored to the topic it covers and answers questions like: Where do I find ___? Is it a primary/secondary source? How can I request a copy? Where can I find more information?

Information about births from the Vital Records guide.

Information about births from the Wyoming Vital Records guide.

Several of our new LibGuides also contain bibliographies. These are lists of archival collections, manuscripts, photograph collections, maps, books, articles, etc. on the topic of interest. Links are provided where the resources are available online.

Bibliography section of the new World War One and Wyoming LibGuide

Bibliography section of the new World War One and Wyoming LibGuide

Check out the guides and let us know what you think of them! Have a suggestion for a guide? Tell us what you’d like to see in the comments below.


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2 responses to “LibGuides Are Here!

  1. Could they please locate the 5 months of any Lander Newspaper from May 1894 to Sept 1894.

    • Hi P.h. Schroeder,

      Unfortunately, issues from the Fremont Clipper between September 1893 – September 1894 do not seem to have survived to become a part of our collection. Our department did not begin to actively collect and preserve Wyoming newspapers on microfilm until well into the 20th century. During the intervening years, many things could and did happen to newspapers. Most newspaper offices maintained a copy of each of their issues, but paper and ink are very flammable and at least a couple offices, like Bill Nye’s Laramie Boomerang, were lost to fire. Other papers were sold to new owners who did not see the need to keep the old papers. Some found their way into private collections only to be lost to fire, flood, infestation and exuberant “spring cleaning.” Given the incredibly transient nature of the medium, I sometimes wonder how so many have survived so long!

      That being said, there is always the hope that the papers you are wanting are waiting to be discovered in someone’s attic. I would suggest you contact the Wyoming State Library who administers the Wyoming digital newspaper website. They are often offered newspapers that fill in gaps in the project. Perhaps they can notify you if they hear of any of these papers coming to light.

      Happy hunting!

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