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Contest Time!

Do you often look at old photos and think of humorous captions? We do too! Break out your best one-liners and ironic humor because its contest time!

(WSA P2003-7/34, fawn by Black Hills Studio, hand-tinted)

(WSA P2003-7/34, fawn by Black Hills Studio, hand-tinted)

We’ve dug out a few photos from the collection that tickled our funny bone and hoped you could help us find their best captions or meme. What’s a meme? A humorous saying or caption, sometimes an imitation or pop-culture reference. Something that looks like this…

Thanks to the Utah State University’s Merrill-Cazier Library for this great example!

Or this…

Are you ready to try your hand? This week’s image is….

P2014-26_, Gov Sullivan at groundbreaking for Meals on Wheels, Cheyenne, with giant cutlery, Summer 1992

Just a couple of things to keep in mind:
– No swearing, crude language, or mean-spirited memes (we’re looking for humor, not insults)
– Please do not personally attack the people in the historic images. They are someone’s relatives!

Leave your best in the comment sections or on Facebook. We will share the best here on the blog on Friday.


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