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Friday Foodie: Butterscotch

Today’s Friday Foodie feature come to us from the hand of Francis Eliza Chassell. In 1916, when she was 8 years old, she contributed her recipe for butterscotch candy to The Gillette Cook Book.[1]

Francis was born in Gillette and grew up on the family ranch. She taught in the county after graduating from Campbell County High School. After a couple of years, she decided to continue her education and attended Cornell College in Iowa, where she later married. Francis passed away in 2001.

A heavy wheat crop on the Chassell ranch in 1928. (WSA Kuska Neg 555, photo by Val Kuska)

A heavy wheat crop on the Chassell ranch in 1928.
(WSA Kuska Neg 555, photo by Val Kuska)

Francis’s father Harry J. Chassell was a long time Wyoming legislator serving in the House of Representatives 1909-1913, the Senate 1915-1923, and the House again 1933-1937. Chassell introduced the bill creating Campbell County, which he later represented, in 1911.¬†According to White Eagle, the publisher of the cookbook, Chassell remained grounded, despite his political career. “H.J. Chassell who helps his wife with a day’s washing, cleans stalls or brands calves, has served two terms in the legislature and one as State senator.”



Boil together a cup of sugar or maple syrup; 1/2 cup butter, tablespoon vinegar, 1/4 teaspoon soda. When syrup will snap when tested in water pour on buttered plates to cool.


1. The Gillette Cook Book was reprinted in 1965 by the Campbell County Historical Society. Copies are still available through the Campbell County Rockpile Museum.


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Archives Month display in New Case

We have our first exhibit up in the new case! In honor of Archives Month and the centennial of the 7 counties’ organization, the display features materials related to the creation of the counties, irrigation and dry land farming. Stop by and see it when you come to hear Dr. Phil Roberts’ talk on the 24th.

Archives Month display 10-14-2013 deriv

For those of you who can’t make it in or who would like to know more about the items on display, we will be highlighting some of the items each day next week, so stay tuned!

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