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A Final Word…

This month, you have been treated to an online tour of our postcard collection. The postcards are some of the most compelling items at the State Archives and I hope they provided encouragement during April’s cold snaps and incentive to get out and see Wyoming during the beautiful spring and summer months ahead.

Examples of a few of the postcard folders sent to us by the University of Texas at Austin. Sometimes, archival institutions are offered material that is outside of their collecting policy. This often leads to the material being directed to a collection that is better suited for the material and where it will be more likely to be used and enjoyed. (WSA P2014-

Examples of a few of the postcard folders sent to us by the University of Texas at Arlington. 
(WSA P2014-18)

Our collection consists of over 3500 postcards, many of which feature towns, state and national parks, and attractions from around the state.  They tend to find their way home to Wyoming from all corners of the country.  We recently added to our collection thanks to a donation from the archives at the University of Texas at Arlington.  Last year, the Michigan State Archives sent us a selection of Wyoming postcards.  The majority of the postcards have come to us through private donations.

We appreciate the professional courtesy extended to us by those archives listed above and the generosity of our private donors.  The postcards are a great reminder that we need (and receive!) lots of help to preserve Wyoming’s history.

Mike Strom
Wyoming State Archivist


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