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We’ve Had a Facelift! How Do We Look?

Just in time for Archives Month, we are pleased to announce our long awaited and much improved website. It’s the same web address, but it looks and feels very different! Help us celebrate by exploring this new window into the resources we have to offer you at the Wyoming State Archives.

We gave some thought to what people ask us for, and then we re-organized the site around those needs and requests:

  • How can I find what I need for my research?
  • How do I get a copy of my transcript / court case / cool photo I saw on your site?
  • What do you have and how do I find it?
  • I’m a government employee; how can you help me organize my records?
  • What do I need to know before I visit the Archives?

And if none of those work, just click on the button and we’ll see how we can help you!

We invite you to wander through the site to see what treats we have for you: Look through LUNA, a searchable database that includes photos, maps, and oral histories. Try out the links to “finding aids” (descriptions and lists) for state government records and papers of individuals and groups connected to Wyoming history. Explore the online version of the Wyoming Blue Books, an encyclopedia of state history. And check out the many types of records we have for discovering your family history – or the history of your house.

While you’re exploring, write down anything that doesn’t work (always a few bugs in the system, right?) or that you think is missing or could work better. Of course we’d also like to hear about what you loved or were surprised to find. Make our day! We want to make the site better and make sure it works for you. Tell us how and we’ll get to work.

— Kathy Marquis, Wyoming Deputy State Archivist

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