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We, The People of Wyoming: Wyoming’s Constitution at 125

Tomorrow, July 10th marks the 125th anniversary of Wyoming statehood. To celebrate, join us here in the Archives from 3-8 pm to see portions of the actual document on display along with the pen used by the delegates to sign it! If you can’t make it tomorrow, check out our online exhibit.

Archives Constitution Exhibit 2015 - title panel 30x30 text cutout (1)

Did you know….

  • 45 of the 55 delegates elected to the convention signed the constitution.
  • The handwritten document is 108 pages long.
  • Governor F.E. Warren called for a constitutional convention without Congressional approval
  • The Wyoming constitution contains much wording that was borrowed from other constitutions, including  Pennsylvania , Montana, Illinois, Nebraska and Nevada as well as 17 other states
  • Two sections are unique to Wyoming: universal suffrage and irrigation and water rights.
  • Wyoming’s revolutionary water policies laid out in the constitution were copies by 12 other western states
  • Despite the fear that including women’s suffrage in the constitution would delay statehood, many delegates were set on including it. During the discussion, Charles Burritt of Johnson County even said, “If we cannot come into the union of states with a platform of right, why then we will stay out and willingly remain in a territorial form of government until all of us have passed away to the grave.”



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