Happy MOvember!

It’s that time of year again. Fall is definitely here, Thanksgiving is just a couple weeks away and mustaches are starting to pop up on faces all over Wyoming. Must be MOvember!

In honor of Men’s Health Awareness Month, men across the country are sporting mustaches for the month of November. What better way to celebrate (and to provide some historical inspiration) than to showcase some of the epic ‘staches in Wyoming history! Starting Friday, November 1st, we will be featuring some of the facial hair, and men behind it, that has made Wyoming great. Tune in tomorrow to find out about our poster ‘stache!

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One response to “Happy MOvember!

  1. Indeed, the 19th and early 20th Century featured many fine mustaches, including a lot sported by significant Wyoming figures. I posted on that myself awhile back on my own blog, although I can’t say I recognize the mustache posted above. My entry was here;


    That era was so hirsute that you almost wonder if the thin of beard would have been ashamed to go out in public back then.

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