A Day Without Unidentified Women

No Neg, P82-21_15 Riverton women and children one dog standing by a wooden home.jpg

Do these women or this building look familiar? Help us identify them and celebrate A Day Without Unidentified Women (WSA P82-21/15, near Riverton, WY 1912)

Happy International Women’s Day!

During this day to celebrate women around the globe, one of our colleagues at the University of North Carolina had a interesting idea: take the “A Day Without A Woman” observance, turn today into “A Day Without Unidentified Women” and give the women in our archival photo collections their identities back. We think it is a wonderful idea but we need your help!

P2011-34_18, 3 contestants for Miss Indian America, All-American Indian Days, Sheridan.jpg

Recognize these beautiful and accomplished contestants for Miss Indian America, All-American Indian Days, Sheridan, Wyoming 1950s-1960s? (WSA P2011-34/3)

Not all of the photos of women in our collection are identified in our catalog records, but you may recognize them. To help us update our records and give these women their identities back, follow these links to photos including either the term “unidentified woman” or “unidentified women” in our online photo database. If you recognize someone in a photo, either send us an email with the URL link to the image and a updated description OR leave a note here in the comments so we can see how many women have been identified today.

Don’t forget to try your hand at identifying women in other archives and museum collections!


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2 responses to “A Day Without Unidentified Women

  1. Constance Chatterton Barrett

    Pic of 2 children on horse…guessing it might be Gov Fenimore Chatterton had 2 girls one born 1900 and one 1904..his 1910 census lists Fremont Riverton Dist 3 he lives.

  2. Constance C. Barrett

    I sent in already my reply. I think the man on the horse with 2 girls is Fenimore Chatterton 6th Gov of Wyoming who is listed on the 1910 census as living in Riverton, Wy. He had 2 daughters Constance and Eleanor…One born 1900 and one born 1904…They seem to be about those ages….Let me know what you think? Constance Chatterton Barrett

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